My name is Mohamed Bocar; I was born in 1982 in Timbuktu - 1000km from Bamako, the capital of Mali. I became a professional tourist guide at the age of thirteen. Sixteen years experience of providing services to visitors from all over Europe and the Americas have enabled me to travel all over the most beautiful regions of my country; from Timbuktu - the city of 333 saints - to SÚgou, the city of balanzans; as far as Bandiagara, capital of trekking in Pays Dogon.

I speak French, English, Arabic and almost all the main Malian dialects; Tamasheq, Songha´, Bambara, Peul. My travel agency and its team will give you a warm welcome, and together with a group of professional guides, will ensure that your journey of discovery of the people and culture of Mali is as enjoyable as possible. E-mail or call me to organise your trip, which I will devote myself to from the moment of your arrival at the airport until you return home. Email address: or telephone number: +22376761218.


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